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Angels and Demons or Angel of Infinity, Angels Deities, spirits and mythic beings Judeo-Christian, religions New Age Hebrew Bible landscape skies vision, unexplained magical the supernatural Spiritual, religious sacred divine Monster creature Dark mystical dangerous, Surrealistic phantasmagoric., Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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Angels are biblical creatures universally acknowledged to be of a highly spiritual nature, somewhat median between a human being and God: "You have made him (man) a little less than the angels" (Psalm 8:6). These messengers of God’s will have the privilege of descending the divine ladder in order to implement their assignment and ascend it when the mission is complete. The time they spend on Earth is relatively short: normally their task comes down to a message delivery after which they have no more purpose on Earth. However, rarely they would be required to prolong their stay for greater challenge, such as serving as assigned nations guardians in times of a crisis, e.g. during the Exodus (Exodus 14:19; Baruch 6:6).
Angels and Demons or Kiss of Eros
Angels and Demons or Angel of Mercy
Angels and Demons or Angel of Light
Angels and Demons or Angel of Infinity

What else do we know about the angels? First of all, their primary features are very similar to those of the demons – invisibility to human sight, ability to take on a human form, androgyny. Both of them are also believed to have no physical existence, while angels are generally portrayed as human-like creatures with wings and demons have more of a devilish looks. The guardian angels have more of a feminine outline with a maternal touch, and their striking beauty is substantiated by lots of facts from the Scripture. However, a long plain dress, a traditional outfit for most angels, is of a Byzantine origin, where it surprisingly had an explicit male connotation.

Walt Disney Company has asked my permission to use this image – Angel of Infinity. They are planning on a new feature – “Fright Night”, financially supported by Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks. It is a comedy-horror remake of a 1985 Tom Holland film of the same title. It will be released and distributed by Walt Disney Company under the Touchstone banner.The movie will be shot in 3D with Paradise FX's Tri Delta camera systems. The release date is set for August 19, 2011.

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(title Rus.) Серия Ангелы и Демоны: Дух Бесконечности

George Grie,  March 2008
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image tags: Angels Deities, spirits and mythic beings Judeo-Christian, religions New Age Hebrew Bible landscape skies vision, unexplained magical the supernatural Spiritual, religious sacred divine Monster creature Dark mystical dangerous, Surrealistic phantasmagoric.
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Satou Kazuma / United Kingdom / Jan 1st

Can someone tell me the Harmony, Unity, Variety, And the proportion of this art. Just need it for the school work

Heidi / May 22nd

I am in love with the artwork by George, especially the Angels and Demons series. I understand that these images are copyrite but was wondering if I could have your permission to get one of these pieces printed on a dress?

Bodhidharma / United States / Aug 5th

Amazing, I love your computer animation pictures! You should do an ipad skin!

HH / Germany / Apr 28th

is there an illustrated book or something like a coffeetable book with your work available? I didn't find anything like that on this website or on ?!

acb / United States / Dec 6th

i've had this as my laptop backround for a year now & I just found this site of yours and recognized the same picture. These pictures are amazingly stunning. I've been wanting to change my backround but I could never find anything as epic as this one.

Elisabeth R. / United States / Jul 16th

Congratulations! This picture has been chosen to be featured on a new DreamWorks feature called "Fright Night". Walt Disney Pictures and Dreamworks are currently in pre-production on the feature film remake of the 1980's classic comedy-horror picture..

Melvin Finch / England / Feb 7th

A person whom the R complex does not master. Conected to a schism that accured many lightyears away. A truly tallanted indavidual. Scaled to a level no mortal could ever overcome. Our cosmic connection is cleverly depicted in your works. Thank you.

monk / Luxembourg / Jan 17th

The term is generic and in some religious or philosophical traditions it therefore may be considered interchangeable with other terms such as ascetic. However, being generic, it is not interchangeable with terms that denote particular kinds.

vishnu / India / Apr 22nd

very impressive digital design, thanks

TattooTribes / United States / Mar 29th

Amazing... amazing... amazing... I could go on forever. Your works always have this effect on me. You are not from Earth, are you?

H.H. / Denmark / Mar 27th

Sometimes it is only through the experience of death...even in the metaphorical sense...that we are able to learn to live...

Michelangelo Buonarroti / Italy / Mar 20th

Once again your work leaves me amazed. This beautiful piece is something you could never tire. Every moment is a new journey and experience with your work. It is most refreshing to find an artist that has the ability to help temporarily free us from this

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