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Final Frontier Voyager (FES) The Flat Earth Society, Surrealist Sky clouds night moonlight, unknown sunset, water horizon, sails ship, high sea, mist fog waterfall, cliff waterscape seascape, mystery suspense tall ship, art model sailing photos, mystic romantic dream illusion, Surreal motivational final frontier Grie artwork, blue nose, edge Dreamlike inspirational last borderline George reproduction, boat, verge falls print original official author poster, Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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What sounds plausible enough tonight, might be ludicrous tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning. The flat earth theory, stating that the world is a flat disk rather than a sphere, was believed in by many cultures around the globe up to around the fourth century B.C. when philosophers and scientists came to the conclusion that the Earth was actually a sphere. But this was just a beginning of a centuries’ long debate. In fact, the flat-earth theory, tied to the geocentric cosmology of Ptolemy, dominated among clergymen and even navigators until the 16th century A.D. when Copernicus questioned the very essence of this dogma.

One of the classic Christian texts on a flat earth theory is “Christian Topography” written in the 6th century A.D. by Cosmas Indecopleustas, a Greek monk of Alexandria. Cosmas believed that the Earth was rectangular and the sky was resting on earth in a form of a tabernacle separating us from heaven. The hub of the universe was in Jerusalem that was washed by oceans beyond which lay Adam’s paradise. There also was a huge north polar mountain, and the sun went behind it at night. Cosmas used scriptural arguments to back up his theory, therefore his Christian Topography was well received by the Church whose strategy at those times was to eradicate unapproved knowledge and establish itself as a sole authority in religious, philosophical and scientific matters.

I am using The Flat Earth Society as an example of human conviction that withstands any logic or facts or rationale. The Society was founded by Samuel Shelton in 1956. He based his theory on “common sense”, personal observation, and the idea that there is a conspiracy of those who want to present the earth in a form of a sphere. All the scientific evidence was disregarded as lacking adequate grounds; pictures of the Earth taken by satellites were called fake. Shelton passed away in 1971, and leadership was taken up by Charles Johnson who continued to insist on a simple truth that “the Earth is flat”. According to Johnson, both the sun and the moon, only about 32 miles in diameter, circle above the earth, and what we perceive as a sunrise or a sunset is merely a visual illusion. The moon shines by its own light and is not eclipsed by the earth. After Johnson’s death in 2001, the society fell apart. Their members were vastly criticized for denying any evidence that conflicted with their outlook without offering substantial alternative ideas.

Schooner Bluenose
This image was inspired by a celebrated Canadian schooner Bluenose from Nova Scotia. Bluenose was built as a fishing vessel and a racing ship. Schooners were introduced by the Dutch in the 16th or 17th century as a type of a sailing vessel and were extremely popular during the golden age of piracy. These sleek and swift ships use fore-and-aft sails on two or more masts, the forward mast being shorter or the same height as the rear ones. Canadian 10 cents coin bears a depiction of Bluenose.

2010 April-June. The "Final Frontier Voyager" work published in UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Conservation magazine, USA, Essay "The Known World" by Rob Dunn. Conservation magazine features cutting edge environmental science and ground-breaking conservation research.
2013 December. "The Final Frontier” work illustrates the cover of the full version of the O Brasil Para Cristo, The Christ Church of Brazil, Journal, written by Pastor Carlos. Favorite Biblical Themes.

(Title Rus) Путешествие до Последней Черты (FES) Общество Плоской Земли

Software media: Adobe Photoshop ®, Adobe Illustrator ®, Autodesk 3ds Max ®, Photo Stock,

George Grie,  November 2006
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image tags: Surrealist Sky clouds night moonlight, unknown sunset, water horizon, sails ship, high sea, mist fog waterfall, cliff waterscape seascape, mystery suspense tall ship, art model sailing photos, mystic romantic dream illusion, Surreal motivational final frontier Grie artwork, blue nose, edge Dreamlike inspirational last borderline George reproduction, boat, verge falls print original official author poster
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german / Bolivia / Feb 6th

u use a 3d software or u draw at hands first? thanxx

pelanglang / Indonesia / Dec 17th

AMAZING!!!! ur art is always make me "jump to the other world". keep up ur good works two thumbs UP!

Hakan / Turkey / Oct 28th

One of the best ArtWork ever!!keep it!!!

Amba. Chun / United States / Oct 26th

I'am interesting. In art really interesting art looking real art searching. For Oceanography don't know answer right answer. Please Sent book and Meaning about our ocean unknown important part exam part homework Enamel and impressing your work.

lya olga / Turkey / May 8th

this feeling is so new for me.i saw many wonderful artworks but it is the first time i found myself in it.your art work is amazing.not only this one all of them are wonderful.and somehow you showed my inside world to outside.somehow i feel those pictures.

SH / May 27th

the image and all other images are perfect! I love them

Rich Liow / Singapore / Mar 15th

Hi, May I know how to purchase large format versions from you? my email is

salah abbas / Iraq / Jan 29th

i am salah abbas editor in chief of tashkeel magazine in plastic art in iraq please contact us

Osky / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Nov 24th

Epic it simply sets you free, allows to open your mind and go beyond the so called "reality" thank you for this work of art

John / United States / Sep 28th

Lack of money is no obstacle, Lack of an Idea is- Ken Hakuta

ella woolley / England / Sep 18th

who painted this picture

John / Christmas Island / Jun 19th

I am captivated by your art. This particular piece I would like to use as part of the cover of my book. I assure you that the image will not be modified or distorted in order to keep the beauty in tact. I would be honored to send you a signed book copy.

Michael Russell / United States / May 27th

The Final Frontier Voyager is the most epic beautiful piece of art i have ever seen! To me its a symbol of my life. Like where sailing on a ship always in ruff water on the edge of existance but we sail on through the dark in search of something!

Luiza Helena / Brazil / May 5th

I loved! Amazing...your art it's incredible.

Catherine / United States / May 4th

i think this is a beautiful pic

Cherry / United Kingdom / Apr 8th

Your art is so unbelievably heavenly and fantastic. I see you are already a well established artist, but I hope you would consider allowing us to put some of your art in our video.

Lisa / Oct 31st

To be a Christian is to be and follow the ways of Christ, believing he came and died for ours sins. To be Christian is just that. Human kind has been misguided and distracted from what is important concerning Christianity. Weather the earth is round or fl

DV / Australia / Sep 24th

The idea of a flat earth would appear to be largely (if not entirely limited to) catholic/italian/roman views - which does not then mean that they are "christian", simply catholic, the simpleton sibling of christianity.

Freddy / Chile / Aug 25th

Fascinante, it`s a gorgeous sample of human capabilities... los he puesto en mi blog, saludos brothers...

Elina / Latvia / Jul 5th

It's... it's so beautiful. There is no other vord... amazing!

boomcivic / Canada / Jul 3rd

This is one of those rare works of art that stays win your mind no matter where you are or what you are doing. I have set this image as my desktop background, and instead of doing actual work, i sit and stare at it. This is absolutely phenomenal!

SteveW928 / United States / May 15th

Amazing image... love it! It would be neat to have some description of how it was created. Excellent work! However the description is a bit historically challenged, to put it nicely.

ben wheeler / United States / May 13th

i jus gotta say first of all i LOVE your art, its amazing. but basically, we was wondering if it wuld be ok to use your picture for an album cover for our band. we're not big or anything jus thought it would make cool album cover, as would all your stuff.

Pyros / Portugal / Apr 10th

Just perfect, even if dali had a computer he wouldn't be as good as you

KAM / Apr 3rd

I don't normally leave comments, but I wanted to say how awesome this image is....I've had this as my background for a while now, and everyone who sees it wants to check out this site. I wish I had this talent.... Thanks for sharing you great work.

george / British Indian Ocean Territory / Mar 31st

That's really breathtaking - I would love to see more landscapes by you. (Even though your whole gallery is absolutely beautiful)

Johnybegood USA / United States / Mar 20th

This is a print that I could just sit and stare at for hours on end. It captures the mind and helps take it to a peaceful state and helps to open the mind. Thanks so much for this contribution - it truly does transcend you into a dream land.

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