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Many people think dreams unreal only because they are not material. That is true. However, they are made of real things such as viewpoints, imageries, memories, and lost hopes. Mindscape can be explained as a mental or psychological scope of imagination. The word is most applicable to the field of psychology. Mindscape is a two-rooted word combining “mind” and “escape”, and it can be interpreted as a mind attempt at escapism into a different reality or a spiritual world. This adventure, however, can be very well accomplished within the boundaries of the actual world.

Escapism is a very common thing about humans, or is it? We generally use this idea to identify normal from out of the ordinary, as an escaping from reality. Depression sufferers are said to escape from facts, hallucinations have nothing to do with reality – we are very quick to judge and evaluate. But once again we are back to an eternal issue of defining normality. No one has ever been able to produce a well-substantiated answer to what is normal because the answer doesn’t exist. Our imagination is larger than any possible science-laden picture of normality. We are doomed to fill in the gaps of a greater picture in a non-restricted fashion of a potential nutcase. Humanity is still evolving, and a thin line between abnormality and standard is becoming even thinner. Even in psychiatry it is more acceptable now to speak about personality disorders rather than diseases. So, next time you’re just about to jump to conclusions about someone weird, take a deep breath and count to ten. We’re in the same boat. Row, will you?

Read more at: Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners, by Sigmund Freud. Dreamscape Analysis by Direct Logic Systems has a virtually infinite amount of dream interpretations, and will help you find meaning in almost every dream of yours.

Note by Claudia C. ”I am a PhD honorary fellow researcher at the Institute of Behavioral Neuroscience at University College London, working for the Spatial Cognition Group under Hugo Spiers' supervision (you can check his name out for your personal reference). I am writing since, in one of our spatial cognitive experiments with humans, we employed your 'dreamscape' image to assess visuospatial abilities and reactions to 2D representations of (sur)real environments. Now we are in the middle of writing an academic paper to publish on an online journal and we would appreciate if you could let us publish the picture and know if special requirements for the publishing are needed. If this is the case we would move accordingly. We can ensure you that our purposes are solely academic and strictly non-commercial. ”

(Title Rus) Пейзаж Подсознания или Виртуальная Реальность Воображения

Software media: Adobe Photoshop ®, Adobe Illustrator ®, Autodesk 3ds Max ®, Smith Micro Poser ®, Daz Studio ®, Bryce ®, Photo Stock,

George Grie,  July 2008
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image tags: Psychology dreamscene virtualreality, interior landscape room figure, Iceberg mountain snow arctic snowcaps boat supernatural spirit vessel, sailboat romantic mystery, tall ship art model siling photos, realistic silhouette, light sea ocean, sky, surrealism solitude, sunrise sunset, isolation, surreal inspiring Ghost ships phantom Ice mass snowscape frozen deskscape.
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mel manning / United States / Jul 11th

this is just amazing and i've always loved surrealism. i've never known how to create it-because this obviously isn't could anyone please let me know what a good software or something might be that i could use to create surrealism?thankyou:)

Lilac / Northern Mariana Islands / Mar 1st

I love your artwork. Your style is unique and very imaginative. I'm sure you'd sell very, very well if you're planning to go into business. :)

Tarjum / Indonesia / Jun 25th

Gambar-gambar yang indah menawan dan punya makna psikologis. luar biasa. saya ingin mengenal lebih jauh Mr. George Grie.

Gaylene Age / Australia / Jun 16th

This painting is great but now i'm doing a assingment on your surrealism painting :luv dis we out:

Mao / United States / Jun 14th

this's great¡

Kaitlyn Mcdonald / United States / May 7th

I love your art work. It is just wonderful. I've always been a fan of surreal art and your work just captivates me. The goth and darkness mix together and create a piece of work that no one else can come close to. You should be very proud!!! >:->

Mindscaper / United States / Feb 16th

I’m currently making a mindscape video walkthrough so far only level 1 is done and I will soon have all of the levels complete.

Fun / United Kingdom / Jan 28th

Just great!

Vanessa lilley / United Kingdom / Nov 28th

I am currently researching for an essay on a piece of virtual reality art work, and I am interested in discussing one of your pieces called 'mindscape' within my essay. It would much appreicated if you could answer a couple of questions to help me.

John Murphy / United States / Aug 5th

Thank you very much. I found a place with posters and ordered one up!

MacGregor Steve / United States / Aug 1st

I would like to say I love your art work. Would like to offer you a marketing opportunity at no cost to you to involving our company.

Nguyen Bao / Australia / Jul 25th

I love your work. There is something fresh, yet melancholy about the contrast that makes your images so appealing and so hard to look away from. Has anyone ever commissioned you to create original 3D images for them? And how much would you charge?

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