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The Immortals Society, Mountains peak palace cathedral, Greek gods mountain mass cliff rocks, Desert wasteland wilderness waste, Cloud shade land scene, stronghold house of worship eagle church darken smoke haze, Landscape scenery citadel place of worship., Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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Greek Immortals and Their Society. Most of Greek heroes were sons of Gods and Goddesses from mortal men; therefore they did not share the characteristic of Olympians’ immortality: without this quality it was much easier for them to relate to humans whom they were meant to serve by exemplifying moral and courageous behaviour. In fact, human qualities were an indispensable part of a Greek hero profile. Their main challenge was to win glory, thrones, and even immortality through glorious adventures and quests. Regardless of the path they chose, all Greek heroes had to earn their fame the hard way. Although some of the heroes have engineered their own downfall (such as Icarus and Daedalus, for example), most of Greek heroes were celebrated for their victories. I believe Perseus, who was a son of Zeus, would be an excellent example of a celebrated hero who had not only won battles against monsters and beasts, but also said to have founded the towns of Mideia and Mycenae.

On the picture you can see an eagle soaring over the headquarters of Olympian gods and heroes. It has a direct reference to Prometheus, one of the titans in Greek mythology who was also reckoned a god of fire. Prometheus was a master con man of the ancient times who, as legend has it, managed to steal fire from the gods and give it to people. As you know, in retribution Zeus had Prometheus chained to a cliff and arranged a terrible daily ordeal for him: an eagle would come and peck at his liver which then regenerated overnight to prolong this everlasting torture.

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George Grie,  May 2007
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image tags: Mountains peak palace cathedral, Greek gods mountain mass cliff rocks, Desert wasteland wilderness waste, Cloud shade land scene, stronghold house of worship eagle church darken smoke haze, Landscape scenery citadel place of worship.
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Romuald / France / Nov 8th

To me, the artistic activities are the most flagrant expression of the human kind who wants to keep out from animality... I hope I'm comprehensible enough in English... And hope you will keep on painting !

WESO / United States / Jun 29th

Who made this? I'd LOVE to use it for my bands Album cover. plz

Eric / United States / Aug 27th

You capture the very essence of my soul with all your art work. When possible i would like purchase pictures of your for wall mounting ect.

Brianna / United States / Jul 28th

I am looking for posters to put in my college dorm room, and I fell in love with your works. I know that you are sending it out as a desktop wallpaper, but I was wondering if you have already made, or are going to make, poster copies of it for purchase.

Jaz / Apr 29th

i think most of the paintings i commented on was by u george grie. i commented on every1's painting that was nice to me

TattooTribes / United States / Mar 21st

Your works are always spectacular...and I love the insight you give to your pieces by adding historical and mythological notes. Great!!

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