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George Grie's CD Album Art, Covers, Posters, Sleeves, Illustrations, Concept CoverArt Design

This is a collection of George Grie's artworks that have been used as CD Albums Art, many Rock Music Posters, CD sleeves and covers, and other miscellanies illustrations as well. George does not make commissioned artworks or designs for commercial products. All designs presented here are licenced or have the artist permission to be utilised.

  Rachel Mother Goose, SYNRA BANSHO, Hideshi Ueki Japan

Rachel Mother Goose, SYNRA BANSHO, Japan

2021. A group of Japanese virtuoso guitarist Hideshi Ueki. Catchy and melodic sound with powerful backing beats and superb lead guitar by Ueki. Exclusive image license for three years. Japanese Melodic Heavy Metal. SYNRA BANSHO in Japanese means Universe.
  Final Vortex, Threshold, Germany

Final Vortex, Threshold, Germany

2020. Final Vortex is the audio project of Xzekiel / Latvi. Includes unlimited streaming of Threshold (Remastered) (Industrial/Gothic, Noise, Unblack Metal)
  Alessandro Evangelisti, DISINCANTO, Italy. CD production concept

Alessandro Evangelisti, DISINCANTO, Italy

2017. Promo CD production concept! Italian classic pianist and composer, who has been graduated from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome.
  Vision Divine, Angel of Revenge, Italy

Vision Divine, Angel of Revenge, Italy

2018, EP, Italian power/progressive metal band formed in 1998, a solo project from Olaf Thorsen.. Type: Single; Release date: December 9th.
  Stuckfish -The Bridge, UK CD coverart concept

Stuckfish -The Bridge (that spans the edge of time), UK

2019. New single by critically acclaimed melodic prog rock band Stuckfish from the the forthcoming album 'The Watcher.' The story continues...
  AvatariA, The Last Falling, Germany

AvatariA, The Last Falling, Germany

2019. They call themselves a Dark Thrash Metal band and cite influences from Thrash, Death, Black, and Gothic Metal.
  UPF, Planetary Overload 2018 Australia CD production concept

Final Vortex, Fall of the Dragon King 2020

Final Vortex is the audio project of Xzekiel / Latvi. Venturing into the post - apocalyptic noise, beautiful serenity, faith, hope and love. (Unblack, Industrial, Gothic Metal)
  Aria, The Curse of the Sea, 2018 Russia George Grie concept cover unpublished

Aria, The Curse of the Seas, 2018 Russia

CD concept design! Unpublished version. Russian heavy metal band Aria, upcoming 13th studio album "Curse of the Seas". The first Soviet band achieved commercial success.
  London Symphony Orchestra and Predrag Gosta, 2016. Promo CD production concept

London Symphony Orchestra & Predrag Gosta, UK/USA/Germany

2016. Promo CD production concept! Next CD of Maestro Gosta, conducting the famous London Symphony Orchestra; Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition Ensemble: Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dances, Op. 45 Ensemble: Makris: Hellenic Odyssey Ensemble: Predrag Gosta has recorded several critically acclaimed CDs. He is the Artistic Director of an early music ensemble, baroque orchestra and choir New Trinity Baroque, United States, the Music Director and conductor of the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre, the Principal Conductor of the New Europe Symphony Orchestra.
  WONDERWORLD Uriah Heep Ken Hensley & Live Fire George Grie concept cover art design

Uriah Heep legend Ken Hensley & Live Fire, WONDERWORLD, UK/Norway

2014. CD concept design! Live Fire current band of Ken Hensley are now working on a new classic rock trio, called WONDERWORLD. It has been 40 years since the original Wonderworld album of Uriah Heep in 1974:, "We are working on the songs these days, and will start recording in the studio in April, release after summer." Ken Hensley & Live Fire is a collaboration between former Uriah Heep keyboardist Ken Hensley and Norway's Live Fire,They released their first album, titled Faster, 2011, through earMusic in cooperation with Eagle Rock Entertainment.
  George Grie Arc Angel - harlequins of light, USA

Arc Angel
Harlequins of light, Frontiers/Universal USA, Exlusive license

2013. Jeff Cannata is a founding member of independent record label Oxford Circus Records, band Arc Angel, and progressive rock band Jasper Wrath. Cannata records the album with session musicians, similar to The Alan Parsons Project, Boston, Kansas, a glorious number that should be heard by all.
  George Grie KEN SNYDER CD cover concept design,USA

INSTRUMENTAL GUITARIST, upcoming CD, scheduled for release US 2016

2016. CD concept design! Ken spent several years in the metal band Cut Throat, releasing two cds. Ken won the 2007 All Access Music Awards Best Instrumental Artist and he followed that up with the 2008 Los Angeles Music Awards Instrumental Artist of The Year. In addition Ken is busy writing material for his follow up 4th solo cd, expected soon.
  George Grie, Maestitia Band CD cover concept design, France

Working Title, Melodic Black/Death, upcoming CD, scheduled for release France 2017

2017. CD concept design! Band Creation: September 2012 Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France
  UPF, Planetary Overload 2018 Australia CD production concept

UPF, Planetary Overload 2018 Australia

Unpublished CD production concept! The forthcoming releases from United Progressive Fraternity,
  George Grie unpublished cd cover mock-up artwork design

Molly Ramone, Glacier, 2015 USA

Molly Ramone is Nashville , Tennessee , Irish-Celtic band, formed in 2011 go to band for upbeat classic and original Celtic Rock. Featuring Ireland, UK, Australia and the USA amongst it`s members with past credits such as The Waterboys, Saw Doctors and the Sallymacs.
  George Grie unpublished cd cover mock-up artwork design

Final Voyage, Dark Angel, 2013 USA

Rock / Alternative / Hard Rock. The new album Dark Angel is the latest offering and attempts to cross the spectrum within the genre of hard rock. The goal is to reveal a depth of soul enabling the listener to view the world through the collective mind eye.
  George Grie Loran Zaes Epic Elegies 2015

Loran Zaes, Epic Elegies 2015

Listen to music from Loran Zaes like Candles of Oblivion, Erstwhile Echoes & more.
  George Grie Northanger debut cd cover concept design Canada

Debut CD, scheduled for release Canada 2016

2016. CD concept design! Northanger is a burst heavy metal band formed by Steve Gosslin and Patrice Gosslin, guitars. Established in Montreal, Canada, influenced by heavy metal trend and many other styles, underground music with elements to muse the art.
  George Grie Arc Angel - harlequins of light, USA

Drifta & The Bleeding Stones
Let The Stones Bleed - Debut E.P Release, Australia, 2014

Drifta & The Bleeding Stones will be launching their debut E.P 'Let The Stones Bleed' before the end of this year. The E.P will be available to download for free when you join our 'CREW'. With influences such as Hendrix, Marley & Zeppelin, Drifta & The Bleeding Stones explode like a bleeding blue rock on the cold concrete!
  George Grie KAYAK - Letters From Utopia,

Letters From Utopia, Dutch band

2009, 14th studio album, Dutch progressive rock band formed in 1972. The band began as a symphonic progressive rock with an emphasis in songwriting, but later on KAYAK moved into new rock territories, recording new albums and touring again.
  George Grie Magellan: Inert Momentum, TBA,
  Magellan track,

Magellan: Inert Momentum, TBA / Written - not yet recorded,
Magellan track, "Good to Go" 2013 USA

Progressive metal-rock by Trent and Wayne Gardner. Condolences regarding the tragic loss of Wayne Gardner. The band has had a number of well known musicians, such as Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Joey Franco (Twisted Sister), Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel) as well as Keith Howland, Lee Loughnane, Robert Lamm from the band Chicago. Magellan is a truly unique progressive rock band, well crafted and ambitious efforts have made them a flagship among prog rock's armada of artists.
  WINTERBURST: The Mind Cave 2012 concept cover art design
  Winterburst 2009, France

The Mind Cave 2012, Winterburst 2009, France

Winterburst is a French band of Symphonic Black Metal formed in June 2009, Vorender as vocalist, Kyll and Jorm (guitars), Terias (keyboards), Freyr (bass) and Shainsaw (drums) worked on composing the 6 tracks of their Winterburst Demo. Two albums. "The Mind Cave" (2012) album, including "The Upcoming Chaos", "Legion Of Souls", "Beyond The Wall"... The band makes historic and mythological themes, expresses its fury and melancholy within at once epic and dark atmospheres.
  George GrieVoyager: I am the revolution 2009
  The meaning of I 2011, Australia concept cover art design

I am the revolution 2009, The meaning of I 2011, Australia

Voyager (metal band) style of music incorporates all facets of the musical spectrum into its melodic metal sound. The band formed at the University of Western Australia by Daniel Estrin. The first album has techno elements but not as much as some reviewers give the impression. The second album of progressive metal with a futuristic atmosphere with many spacey keyboards, but at the same time we can still call them a power metal band
  unpublished CD cover art concept GeorgeGrie artwork
  Dawn of Destiny- Rebellion In Heaven, CD cover,

Dawn of Destiny
Rebellion In Heaven, CD cover, Germany band

22 August 2008. Dawn of Destiny is a German power metal band which incorporates parts of thrash, gothic and death metal. This band makes much better stuff without the thrash metal elements the power metal elements are superior to most comparable bands. + unpublished, CD cover art concept, sample draft artwork.
  second album CD concept cover art design George Grie

MHD 2014 Mad Hatter's Den
Second Album &EP, Untitled yet; Finland

MHD -second album CD concept cover art design, EP and stage backdrop. Style is melodic heavy metal. Nice concept! Would be great to make LP version (if possible) again so that whole cover would be bigger :) There is two more players, so back cover might be overcrowded then thou. But recording is not started yet, so that takes a few months still. Could you provide at this point this background image only high-resolution version for that stage backdrop. I actually might like cover more with those little boats...they bring little more details there and might give more meanings to the cover.
  Mad Hatter's Den - DARK WHEEL EP, Finland George Grie
  Stone Cold Flame
  Welcome to the Den 2013; Finland

Mad Hatter's Den
DARK WHEEL EP, Stone Cold Flame, Welcome to the Den 2013; Finland

2012-13, MHD - has released its debut-EP. Style is melodic heavy metal with influences : Iron Maiden / Accept / Judas Priest / Anthrax. MHD has the uncanny ability to merge Seventies proto-metal with Eighties NWOBHM
  George GrieWinter In Eden: At the Edge of the World EP 2009
  Awakening 2010, United Kingdom

Winter In Eden:
At the Edge of the World EP 2009, Awakening 2010, UK

SYMPHONIC GOTHIC ROCK AND METAL United Kingdom, Winter In Eden is a Symphonic Metal band from England. They have recently completed their debut album "Awakening". Winter in Eden has received airplay on several UK radio stations, including 'Radio Caroline', 'Top Rock Radio' and 'The Rock Show', as well as in Europe and North America. Many groups in this genre appear to be European or Scandinavian; It's good to see a British band producing music in this genre.
  Manager: World Dish, 2013 Russia  George Grie

World Dish, 2013 Russia

Solo album of Manager (Oleg Sudakov) 2013, he is a former member of the famous Omsk's punk band Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Egor Letov). One of the earliest Soviet and Russian psychedelic punk rockbands. He is my good old friend from 80th;)
  Endoras - The Dark Legacy, Swiss band George Grie

Endoras -
The Dark Legacy, CD cover, Swiss band

Release: 19/11/2011, Out of Switzerland, Endoras brings us their full-length CD that's in the symphonic power metal style of Kaledon, Alsion, Eltharia, Dark Horizon, Dragonhammer. tags: epic metal heavy metal metal symphonic metal Switzerland
  George Grie DVD Gong Maison?, Live At The Fridge : London

Gongmaison Live At The Fridge : London

2008, DVD Recorded live at The Fridge, London, 05/05/1991. Gongmaison, Gong is a progressive rock band known for incorporating elements of jazz and space rock into its musical style, was formed in France in 1967. Jazz-Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
  The Bishop of Hexen Deathmasks, Israel CD George Grie

The Bishop of Hexen - Deathmasks, Israel

excerpt from the 2014 youtube vido - upcoming album; Mix and Master by Yaron Lahav `The mighty Jeronimo studio`. Israel symphonic black metal giants The Bishop of Hexen upcoming full length Deathmasks which will be available soon!
  George Grie LALO HUBER - Lost in Kali Yuga, Argentina

LALO HUBER - Lost in Kali Yuga, Argentina

This is a music studio album released in 2009. First solo album, Nexus's composer and keyboard player. Style: Keyboard-driven, Symphonic-Progressive Rock Lalo Huber: Hammond organ, pianos & synthesizers, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals.
  Confused Memories of a Forgetful Wanderer George Grie

Confusi Ricordi di un Viandante Immemore 2007, Italy

Videoclip Sperimentale su colonna sonora dell'audio poema "Confusi Ricordi di un Viandante Immemore" Experimental audio soundtrack poem "Confused Memories of a Forgetful Wanderer"
  George Grie magazine publication Final Frontier Voyager paper, journal,

Sunroad: Flying N' Floating, 2006 Brazil

Musical Style: Hard Rock, the original line up came together in the mid-nineties. On Flying N Floating Sunroad shows a great deal of talent and potential.
  George GrieGert Emmens - A Boy's world, Dutch artist

Gert Emmens
A Boy's world, Dutch artist

2007, This is a very intimate electronic music work for Gert Emmens as it was entirely inspired by his young son. One can hear echoes of 1977 - 1979 period Tangerine Dream here, although the music sounds pretty fresh and unique.
  George Grie unpublished cd cover mock-up artwork design

Harstad Progressive Rock Ensemble

2006 HPRE unpublished cd cover mock-up, NORWAY The band musical continuation is a straightforward hard rock territory with mixing in blues based or groove moments.
  A kLoKwErK kAoS, 2009 USA

A kLoKwErK kAoS, 2009 USA

Music is the musical/artistic/philosophical ambition of Ambassador KLOK KAOS. Industrial/Metal. Influences ... Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, etc.
  George Grie unpublished cd cover mock-up artwork design

Uncle Pyros Flying Circus by Jamzilla 2006

Electronic, Rock Modern Classical, Goth Rock, Darkwave.
  A kLoKwErK kAoS, 2009 USA

Dicotomia by Project Morfeo, 2006 Germany

Genre: Electronic, Rock Modern Classical, Goth Rock, Darkwave. Mixed By, Synthesizer, Vocals Gianfranco Biagini