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George Grie’s neo-surrealism art gallery is the official website of the famous digital media and graphic design artist. The gallery presents creative works of the modern surrealist artist such as: fine-art prints and posters, free desktop wallpapers, giclee limited editions, framed surreal gothic art pictures for sale.
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Modern art print, surrealist posters: The Serenity Prayer or Tranquility Meditation, Requiem sharks, Buddha, zen, buddhism, religion, sitting, meditation, statue, sculpture, stone,....
  The Serenity Prayer or Tranquility Meditation
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"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. With all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths. Living one day at a time;...
Surreal art print: Angels and Demons or Angel of Light, Dark angel mystical forest mountain pick masked Angels Deities, landscape skies show spirits and....
  Angels and Demons or Angel of Light
Most Viewed Image

Nothing is what it seems at first glance, and we never know what intentions hide behind the mask on angel’s face. Will your trip into the thick frosty pine woods’ unknown be the downfall of your greater expectations or will it turn out in favour of your wildest dreams? A...
Modern art print poster: The Three Graces: Gods and Heroes series, Digital remake metaphor Neosurrealism art picture, poster, print Goth fantasy landscape artist....
  The Three Graces: Gods and Heroes series

(Remake). The Three Graces (“Charities” in Greek mythology) are goddesses of charm, beauty, and creativity – just the things the 20th century Western society has started to be obsessed with, physical beauty of a woman being of number one importance. Popular culture, fashion industry, film industry, and advertising have greatly – to say...
Modern art print poster: Arrested Expansion or Cardiac Arrest, Balloon, air, sky, inside stone surge water Spiritual inspirational freedom hot, silouette,....
  Arrested Expansion or Cardiac Arrest

Arrested Expansion is a symbolic scene that combines self-excluding objects which are never to be seen together in real life. They say that when the balloon goes up, it does no good. And the objects in this hall of generous proportions can easily make the viewer feel claustrophobic and surreal because of this inadequacy. The resulting sensation...
Modern art print poster: Ice Age Premonition or Infinite Iceberg Synthesizer, Ocean, ice, blue, sea, chunks, iceberg, staircases, fire escape, ladders, building, stairs,....
  Ice Age Premonition or Infinite Iceberg Synthesizer

Icebergs have always had a mesmerizing effect on me for a reason I cannot explain. What is it about these giant masses of glacial ice drifting along polar seas that is so fascinating? Perhaps, this staggering sense of the utmost freedom that you get by looking at them, floating with no boundaries, no destination and all the freedom of the world...
Modern art print poster: The Mind Cave or Paranoid non-bizarre delusion, Rock Formation, Cave, Sandstone, Geology, Photography, Nature Performance, Architecture, Opera....
  The Mind Cave or Paranoid non-bizarre delusion

What a sensational instrument human mind is! It is capable of most bizarre and astonishing tricks; it will create an illusion and then fall for it. Your fantasy might even convince you that you are mentally deficient. Of course, you’ll know at the back of your mind that it is not true, but our brain is full of surprises, indeed: it may try and...

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Calendars Limited edition prints by George, Toronto Canada. Surrealism art gallery gothic art pictures modern art prints gotic gotica surrealist artist posters.

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"I teach disenfranchised kids in London Emgland, and since I found your work, it has given me the gateway to the minds of 100s of kids, and their ability to dream and believe in their own ability. I ask them to think about some of your work, and these kids just come out of themselves with things they would ordinarily never talk about with to adults. For me, the interesting and incisive factor is the new neural pathways opened up between left and right brain hemisphere learning, something that is essential for all new learners. Your work makes this easier for me to utilize when working with these kids. Thank you for your gift to the art world, you make a lot of people feel great!" - -
S. Nelson

"Dear Mr. Grie, I do not consider myself an artist like yourself. I have a talent to create music! I'm always fascinated by artists who can draw, paint and create with such is a blessing to have that ability!! I have to say I find it difficult to put into words how much I'm inspired by your works of neosurrealism! Each one is a masterpiece. A work of endless expression and ignites the imagination beyond the normal limits! I often gaze into some of your works and find myself in another time /dimension where I often feel at peace /solitude. It has helped me in my own creativity! I just wanted to express my gratitude to you. Your talent is a blessing/ a gift!!You have such good insight into things that few can put into words! I applaud your work!! Thank you for sharing!! I've become a fan!!"
A.V. Zeffiro

Modern surrealism art and neo-surrealist fantasy movement.

Neo-Surrealism or Neosurrealism is the name that was given to the re-emergence of the celebrated surrealism art genre in the late 1970s. Originally, the movement focused on relating surrealist art with pop-art, but lately modern surreal artists have been exploring other directions within the present movement. For an expended period of time Neosurrealism was called modern surrealism art due to a noticeable visual similarity of these two fine-art movements. Nevertheless, the new trend exists and the core difference between two surrealist styles is that Neosurrealism does not have the original idea of freedom from rational controls or psychic automatism declared by Andre Breton, in his Manifestoes of Surrealism. I would define Neosurrealism as a combined imagery of dreams and fantasies or subconscious visions in fine-art painting, digital-art graphic, and photography. Newest computer technologies brought tons of additional depicting power to contemporary artists. Neosurrealism does not have a particular founder or group. The movement is still not clearly defined. Even Wikipedia’s editors deleted the initial Neosurrealism article from the database. However, neo surreal art develops rapidly adding more professional and amateur enthusiasts every day. There are literally thousands of contemporary surrealist artists, digital and classic fine art media galleries that create neo-surrealistic, visionary, surreal fantasy and gothic fantasy artwork pictures comparable to Neosurrealism. Time will sort out everything, will it not?
George Grie, comments 2005

Modern Surreal Gothic Art and its influence over contemporary subcultural trends.

Contemporary gothic art might be applied to myriads of work of art nowadays. Movies, magazines, and various fashion and fine-art galleries are eager to exhibit it. Writers and critics are trying to figure out the nature of this phenomenon. Generally, as soon as a new artistic tend gets visible it gets visible to everyone. Fantastic realism, magic and visionary realism, neo-surrealism and neo- romanticism have followed the similar path. The revival of medieval gothic romance is not a movement per se; it is more a style trend for the young generation. However, it is very strong since it is based on the real mastery of the earlier artists. One may ask why so many creative individuals exercise the gothic art today. To tell the truth, we should not forget that gothic imaginative style has never actually left. It might have been replace with something different, but the void it left behind has never been filled fully. In the fine-art galleries’ world, loss of art purpose and general confusion has brought a return of the metaphysical. There's been a shift from the big picture to the little one, from the cultural to sub cultural, the outer world to the inner one. Cults are more absorbing to artists than society; optimism has turned into scepticism. Artists are using images and symbols in ways that attempt to short-circuit the sense that things are controlled from outside or underworld.

The Goth art has always had a conflicting relationship to authority. In the Gothic, the hero and the villain resemble one another; the evil can be redeemed. Therefore, fluid definitions of sexuality, self and subject matter are typical. This keeps the Gothic art pictures more elusive, deluded and stylish. Punk and Goth culture in here too, although it was mostly amateur. Still, we're talking about Dungeons and Dragons, Doom and Gloom, teenage angst, masculine overdrive and the Cure. Modern Gothic is many things, some of them extremely promising. However, most art pictures that are primarily Gothic have been dilettante. Many of them are prosaic, banal, nostalgic, and openly shallow. Without a doubt, any art that is essentially one thing is in danger of becoming repetitive. Forms stagnate; discounted thrills and clichй prevail; compelling symbols and ridicule horror are readily embraced. The best Modern Gothic art is way more than historical Gothic itself, and that's what makes it worth looking at right now. Many dark landscapes of Goth, Black Metal, Cyber Punk, and Surrealism deal with gothic art attributes such as mystery, horror, ghostly shadows, unease, and religious-themed terror. They might be described as "gloomy," "grotesque," "sinister," "mysterious," "unnatural creatures," "ancient fears," "underground rituals," "esthetic death," "the imminent terror".

The new form of digital art was born without pompous manifestations and noisy commercials. Some of us still consider contemporary digital and 3d art as something mechanical and artificial, something that in some way is out of human touch. Nothing could be more wrong. Computers do not make fine art, people do. Computers are creative tools, much sophisticated ones. Once you try them you will never give up. Its a fresh creative drug for a new generation of modern artistic society. It is addiction with no cure.
George Grie

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