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Ice Age Premonition or Infinite Iceberg Synthesizer, Ocean, ice, blue, sea, chunks, iceberg, staircases, fire escape, ladders, building, stairs, escape, windows, architecture, damaged, breakdown, debris, ruins, destruction, destroyed, urban, decay, frigid, cold, floating, water, nature, overpass, billboard staircase, snow, winter, spiral forewarning intuition sign feeling., Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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Even if one had a premonition and discovered the future, it really does not change how we behave in the present. Seeing the truth does not make us believing in it. Icebergs have always had a mesmerizing effect on me for a reason I cannot explain. What is it about these giant masses of glacial ice drifting along polar seas that is so fascinating? Perhaps, this staggering sense of the utmost freedom that you get by looking at them, floating with no boundaries, no destination and all the freedom of the world at their disposal. Lonely, alien, cold, they remind me of somewhat reserved, self-sufficient people in a crowd of unfriendly faces – at a first glance they might seem pretty solemn and unyielding, but in fact can flip out at any time. Icebergs have always been considered as symbols of slow decay on one hand and infinity on the other. I think it might have something to do with their indefinite lifespan: it can only be shortened by a slight erosion of a berg during summer months. This picture is my third attempt to explore this intriguing subject; the first one being the Icelander followed by the Flying Dutchman phantom. The title counterbalances a hyped-up controversial theory of global warming and its possible outcomes. Since global warming activists predict a dramatic climate change on the planet in the nearest future, the Ice Age suggests an alternative portrait of our society in the background of a “new” Ice Age.

The Ice Age Premonition image is a combination of 2D, 3D, and photo manipulation techniques. The sky and icing are matte painted photos; the tower and stairs are 3D rendering. Photoshop, 3ds max, ZBrush.

Ice Age – It is a cold period marked by episodes of far-reaching glaciations alternating with relatively warm episodes. These periods of extensive glaciations may persist for millions and millions of years and play in important role in reshaping entire continents. It is universally acknowledged that the Earth had already experienced at least four crucial ice ages. The last glacial period ended about ten thousand years ago. It has become a forced habit of each and every politician and a B-list celebrity nowadays to fuss about a single puff of questionable emissions and their possible carbon footprints. Every nation is very eager to place the blame for ozone layer depletion on the other. Schoolchildren are now raised to believe that global warming is not just one of the theories out there, but a Fact like, for instance, poverty and the existence of Belgium. No wonder some of us have absolutely no motivation to get up in the morning!

The word “Premonition” explains an intuitive feeling somewhat similar to a hunch, when you know – or think that you can predict – the future events. Premonitions come along hand with various superstitions and are often associated with having extra-sensorial or paranormal abilities. The scope of premonitions can range from tentative feelings of anxiety, suggestive of impending disaster, to actual hallucinations, both visual and auditory. A very important component of a premonition is a dream which can often be used as an instrument of a subconscious forecasting, either direct or symbolical.

(Title Rus)Предчувствие Ледникового Периода или Бесконечный Синтезатор Айсбергов

Software media: Adobe Photoshop ®, Adobe Illustrator ®, Autodesk 3ds Max ®, Bryce ®, Photo Stock, CorelDRAW Graphics ®,

George Grie,  February 2007
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image tags: Ocean, ice, blue, sea, chunks, iceberg, staircases, fire escape, ladders, building, stairs, escape, windows, architecture, damaged, breakdown, debris, ruins, destruction, destroyed, urban, decay, frigid, cold, floating, water, nature, overpass, billboard staircase, snow, winter, spiral forewarning intuition sign feeling.
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Juancho / Peru / Jun 22nd

great work, this image is amazing =)

Ian / Sep 17th

Hello! I was interested in using the picture as part of a banner on a forum of mine. The forum is being used to create a video game, a tactical RPG called Extinction. The game will NOT be sold commercially it's simply something my friends and I are doing.

mac / Denmark / Jun 23rd

Your copyright violation could be found at -

Pavel Chipicin / Russia / Feb 1st

Jura greetings from past holidays. What programs using to create their works? Pictures of super. I want one of your works to draw the airbrush. Not against?

Valeria / United States / Jan 31st

I like your artwork very much. I am starting a new business that will use 3d images inside optical crystals of different sizes and measurements the crystals are high quality, pure crystals. Therefore I need 3d artwork or 3d 180 degrees to insert inside...

Harrison / United States / Dec 17th

Hi. I am an art student from Chicago , Illinois .. I am currently researching George Grie, and his piece, Ice Age Premonition. Can you please help me gather important information about the piece.

DV / Australia / Sep 24th

The idea of a human cause is medieval. A Byzantine chronicler, Theophanes wrote on the freezing of the Black Sea in 764 AD, when icebergs were crashing into the walls of Byzantium. He blames human "sins". Over 1200 years later, nothing has changed.

Josey / United Kingdom / Apr 20th

I'm doing an Art Assignment at school.. And I was wondering if you could help me answer some questions? Well.. I need to know what elements that make your artwork "Ice Age Premonition" Surealist.. The date that you made it.. And the size..

john mccane / United States / Mar 27th

wonderful image! thats really a parallel world, Beautiful clouds and again great colours. Must have been a wonderful experience out there...

Randy Ford. / Canada / Mar 20th

I am 39 years old and I simply wish to say how very much I appreciate this page. As a Life Long Fantasy Fan -I have seen many live art shows at sci-fi conventions. But You Do Not Touch! LOL! Thank you.

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