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Angels and Demons or Angel of Light, Dark angel mystical forest mountain pick masked Angels Deities, landscape skies show spirits and mythic beings Judeo-Christian, Spiritual, religious sacred divine religions New Age Bible, snowscape magical the supernatural Monster creature dangerous, Surrealistic phantasmagoric., Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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Nothing is what it seems at first glance, and we never know what intentions hide behind the mask on angel’s face. Will your trip into the thick frosty pine woods’ unknown be the downfall of your greater expectations or will it turn out in favour of your wildest dreams? A life-altering experience might be awaiting you. A chamber of horrors is also within the realm of possibilities. It always comes down to a leap of faith you’re willing to undertake.

“Where There is Light, There Must Also Be Darkness”, "Every man has a good and bad angel attending on him, all his life long." - Robert Burton ("Anatomy of Melancholy")

"Man is his own star, and the soul that can, render an honest and a perfect man,Commands all light, all influence, all fate: nothing to him falls early or too late.Our acts are angels are, for good or ill: our fatal shadows that walk by us still." - John Fletcher ("Upon An Honest Man's Fortune")
Angels and Demons or Kiss of Eros
Angels and Demons or Angel of Mercy
Angels and Demons or Angel of Light
Angels and Demons or Angel of Infinity

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." - Bible: 2 Corinthians (11:13-15)

"Christians should never fail to sense the operation of an angelic glory. It forever eclipses the world of demonic powers, as the sun does a candle's light." - Billy Graham

"A man on the street is pointing up to the sky. 'Look, An Angel!' he yells. Passersby laugh. 'You fool, That is only a cloud'. How wonderful it would be to see angels where there are only clouds. How sad it would be to see only clouds where there are angels." - Anonymous

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(title Rus.) Серия Ангелы и Демоны: Дух Света

George Grie,  March 2008
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image tags: Dark angel mystical forest mountain pick masked Angels Deities, landscape skies show spirits and mythic beings Judeo-Christian, Spiritual, religious sacred divine religions New Age Bible, snowscape magical the supernatural Monster creature dangerous, Surrealistic phantasmagoric.
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Vladimir Vesely / Czech Republic / May 4th

Je to krása.

its my b-day today / Mar 23rd

i just fell in love... in love with his awesome work!

vaiva / Lithuania / Mar 6th

cool :)

Jimmy / South Africa / Aug 24th

Wow this deserves to be called art,it is well captured

fhess / Phillipines / May 6th

rocks me

robertlilley / England / Apr 22nd

Man's honesty trapped within his deceit will be his downfall. Come let yourself be downtrodden. Beautiful artwork deceived and yet welcomed.

DS / United States / Dec 27th

I love it and would like to use it as the design for my website. Please tell me how to go about this and how much it will all cost?

Maria / United States / Dec 26th

As an amateur artist, I find your artwork amazing and inspirational. I love the coloration, details, surrealism and subject matters. I will blog about your art on my website,, soon.

palacious / Botswana / Oct 22nd

it kinda gave me the creeps but hey, you know your dude. keep it up. God bless

April rain / American Samoa / May 25th

This is the best pics ever its one of my top pics

tom / Italy / Mar 10th

From the acclaimed author comes an explosive international thriller that careens from enlightening epiphanies to dark truths as the battle ...

esther / Antarctica / Mar 1st

i like this angel because he's so scary i like evrything was black and so scary like that this picture is amazing !!!!

vijeesh / India / Dec 22nd

"RisE UP"

Marcelo / Brazil / Dec 14th

That's amazing, stunning, wonderful. A masterpiece. Congratulations and thank you!

Abdelaziz / Morocco / Nov 21st

I finded myself in this angel,if i cant explain thats becose of this angel,i think he be inside me forever,if u loke in his eyes u will see the pain,Im really proud coz i have this pic,n i wanna tell u thanky so much coz i back to black:)darkemotion@hot.f

gloria rueden / United States / Oct 31st

man if you don't know what your talking about stay out of it. She was torched and was named neather in this world or the next.

gloria rueden / United States / Oct 15th

I like this pick it was when the soal stealer went lagit for the first time taking soals to jugment and then delivering them to hell if not exsepted into heven. wight bufflow womam and him made their rounds to the semmitarys. cool.

angel / Oct 10th

totally love the page. looks totally gothic. im a goth and am in love with your page

STRAMP / United States / Sep 28th

Absolutely fantasic surreal art by an extemely talented visionary artist!

mONKIQUE / France / May 16th

THE spirit of this image makes you fly high to the worlds you have never imagine before! Merci!

prabhu / India / May 9th

i am like it good angel!

Richard Gustason / United States / Jan 20th

George Grie is just amazing. Fast becoming my favorite artist.

deodeo / Lithuania / Dec 7th

Unreal - So remarkable as to elicit disbelief; fantastic. Existing only in the imagination: chimeric, chimerical, conceptual, fanciful, fantastic, fantastical, imaginary, notional, visionary.

Harrison / United States / Dec 3rd

I am currently researching George Grie, and his work. Can you please help me gather important information about the pieces. If you know anything about George Grie or his work, I would love to know about it.

Jessie / United States / Sep 28th

This is an amazing piece of work the artist is very gifted.

mamas / Iran / Jul 19th

fantasy world for fantasy people!

rhya / Indonesia / Jul 5th

thank 4 all

jaiye / Germany / May 1st

beautiful, but she is no right about the moutains

Pyros / Portugal / Apr 10th

It is a grat image, but i desagree about the trees in the center, the simple distant mountain woud made it more clean and atractive

Tatiana / Russia / Mar 27th

Beautifully.... This angel very much is pleasant to me..

Michael Coren / United States / Mar 27th

awesome!! i loving the lights in the distance, the mountain, and how you get up close to the landscapes. Very clean and peaceful piece. the trees have a great look to them too. Awesome!!!

James / Mar 25th

Stunning, captivating

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