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Haunting Goth or Conception of Gothic music lyrics, Music instrument piano landscape interior classic gothic figure walls arch, composition picture grand piano scenery internal archetypal Goth body river curve, harmony surreal keyboard background center traditional medieval stature human composer arc, inspirational mystic surrealistic philosophical decoration dark, motivating spiritual unreal dreamy ornamentation shady, goth fashion gothic music emo music., Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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Human wellbeing is not a lovely song that accompanies one’s presence. Sooner or later you may learn that, to your sorrow. Contemporary gothic or Goth culture has evolved around the Greek concept of death, in other words Thanatos. Modern Gothic rock music, also called Goth rock or just Goth, is technically a subdivision of alternative rock. However, the term “alternative” has long forfeited its initial meaning as avant-garde and become somewhat of a joke to the underground community. Gothic music artists deal with dark themes and intellectual movements such as gothic terror, Romanticism, surrealism, and nihilism. Gothic music originated in the late 70’s as a spookier and darker type of British punk rock with an unambiguous tendency towards melancholy, desolation, mysticism and the macabre. The definition of the genre as Gothic or Goth was given by the critics in the mid 80’s; gothic musicians prefer dealing with darker coloured themes of Romanticism, surrealism, nihilism, and gothic terror movements. Dressing styles within the subculture range from death rock – which was, interestingly, the name gothic music artists attributed to their product before it was named gothic - punk, androgynous, Victorian, Emo, Renaissance and medieval style clothes, or combination of the above.

Notable gothic rock bands include Bauhaus, Skeletal Family, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Play Dead, the Sex Gang Children, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy (although they did not consider themselves Gothic per se), The Mission, and others. These bands do ring a bell if you’re into Gothic music, don’t they? Gothic rock has sprouted into a broader Goth subculture that now includes clubs, fashion, and magazines.

Musical style includes the hard guitars typical of rock music but usually processed with electronic effects. Songs are mixed with a distinctive heavy bass sound, which creates a gloomy atmosphere and adds an apocalyptic flair and certain theatricality to the performance. This genre is also known for its frequent use of synthesizers and a characteristic guitar playing style that makes it very different from heavy metal and death metal although a lot of people may be confused regarding that point. Most of the early gothic rock groups have emerged from England, although there were bands from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany as well.
Gothic Music, University of Wales, UK 2012 . "Haunting Goth" illustrates the book cover, The Sounds of the Uncanny (University of Wales Press - Gothic Literary Studies) by Isabella van Elferen assistant professor of Music and Media at Utrecht University. The book is the most original and sophisticated analysis of the interconnection between music and the Gothic. The book traces sonic Gothic from the echoing footsteps in Gothic novels to the dark soundscapes of Goth club nights.

(Title Rus) Призраки Готики или Размышления на Тему Готической Лирики

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George Grie,  January 2009
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image tags: Music instrument piano landscape interior classic gothic figure walls arch, composition picture grand piano scenery internal archetypal Goth body river curve, harmony surreal keyboard background center traditional medieval stature human composer arc, inspirational mystic surrealistic philosophical decoration dark, motivating spiritual unreal dreamy ornamentation shady, goth fashion gothic music emo music.
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Michael / Austria / May 15th

great image, I especially like the arrangement of the object (the bed within the river, the nature flowing through the flat

ali / Pakistan / Aug 10th

good work

Wales Press / United Kingdom / Dec 28th

I am interested in featuring a reproduction of your work, on the cover of the forthcoming University of Wales Press publication - Gothic Music: The Sounds of the Uncanny by Dr. Isabella van Elferen of Utrecht University.


I have been looking for an excellent piece of art to use for the base of my Lucid Dreaming workshop flyer and this is the one! I am in love with your Haunting Goth piece, may I have your permission to use it on my flyer?

ishomuddin / Indonesia / Sep 15th

great picture

dali / Virgin Islands (US) / May 1st

Goth used to be a subclassification of punk. There is so much diversity within the gothic world that its members strongly resist attempts at definition and labeling. Goth unashamedly celebrates the dark recesses of the human psyche.

Shizuma Niao / United States / Mar 13th

Well I'm definitely a fan of the gothic culture, I follow it. Nice picture, very interesting.

anthony lewis / United States / Feb 16th

dark and mysterious, i love it

Cool Art / United States / Jan 22nd

A Study of Gothic Subculture - an Inside Look for Outsiders, An extensive information resource for those unfamiliar with Gothic including profiles, interviews, definition, music, analysis and descriptions.

Paul / United Kingdom / Jan 19th

I really like Dali's art and i like fantasy's books.

Strangeling / England / Jan 9th

For the first time ever, Gothic Art brings the very best in dark artwork into the light in one visually stunning volume! From conventional media such as paint and pencil to stained-glass and digital creations!

Gordon Brown / United States / Jan 6th

Someone who likes the darker side of things. Usually listen to death metal and goth music. Check out the Necrotic Obsession Forums - horror community for fans of horror literature and movies and goth culture. Greate picture!

Mikey / United States / Jan 5th

I play for a rock band called VOiD808. We plan to release a new record in the US sometime in June. I would like to know how I could get your concent to use your art for the our album cover.

ghosttown-me / Canada / Jan 2nd

as a goth music fun i find this picture quite attractive, i like that there is no traditional attributes like blood or vampires here... this one is more insightful and therefore true. thank you for the good interpretation of this art style!

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