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Internal Expansion, clouds, colour, countryside, environment, forest, land, landscape, natural, nature, outdoor, outdoors, panorama, panoramic, peace, river, rock, rural, scenery, scenic, sky, stream, summer, tree, trees, view, water, wild, woods, beautiful, scenic, scene, view, classic, landscape, color, far, river, stream, , Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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This classic style landscape combined with the surreal sub image that comes to the painting surface. It gives the viewer perception of the secondary parallel world that hides beneath. We are surrounded with things which we have not made and which have a life and structure different from our own: trees, flowers, grasses, rivers, hills, clouds. For centuries they have inspired us with curiosity and awe. They have been objects of delight. We have recreated them in our imaginations to reflect our moods. And we have come to think of them as contributing to an idea which we have called nature. Landscape painting marks the stages in our conception of nature. Its rise and development since the middle ages is part of a cycle in which the human spirit attempted once more to create a harmony with its environment.

Landscape painting was a major genre in the 17th century. Flemish landscapes of the 16th century first served as an example. These had been not particularly realistic, having been painted mostly in the studio, partly from imagination, and often still using the semi-aerial view from above typical of earlier Netherlands landscape painting in the tradition of Joachim Patinir, Bles and Pieter Bruegel. A more realistic Dutch landscape style developed, seen from ground level, often based on drawings made outdoors, with lower horizons which made it possible to emphasize the often impressive cloud formations that were (and are) so typical in the climate of the region, and which cast a particular light. Favorite subjects were the dunes along the western seacoast, rivers with their broad adjoining meadows where cattle grazed, often with the silhouette of a city in the distance. Winter landscapes with frozen canals and creeks also abounded. The sea was a favorite topic as well since the Low Countries depended on it for trade, battled with it for new land, and battled on it with competing nations.

1994 year, Oil x Canvas, 81x100 centimeters, St. Petersburg, signed as Y. Gribanovsky
Artist’s possession 2011
Exhibitions: Finland Helsinki, gallery Artson 1994, St. Petersburg Russia, cinema House 1995, London UK, gallery Mistral 1995,
Illustration: 2006 Sunroad band CD “flying n’ floating”
This picture was missing since 1996 and returned to the artist 2011.
(title RUS) Внутреннее Расширение

George Grie,  March 1994
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image tags: clouds, colour, countryside, environment, forest, land, landscape, natural, nature, outdoor, outdoors, panorama, panoramic, peace, river, rock, rural, scenery, scenic, sky, stream, summer, tree, trees, view, water, wild, woods, beautiful, scenic, scene, view, classic, landscape, color, far, river, stream,
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maglie calcio poco prezzo / Jun 13th

Especially educational, look forth to coming back again.

Faustino / Mar 13th

The work displayed on the site are beautiful and refreshing. Thank you for giving my eyes images of true pleasure. Thank you,

Impresionante / Spain / Apr 11th

Me ha fascinado ver tu obra, es más que impresionante, es increíble! Felicidades, artista!

monika klein / Apr 16th

I saw some of your pics. First of all they are very special. I am writing you because I'd like to propose a collaboration. I hope to hear from you, so I don't need to search for another artist any longer.We can talk it all over detailed of course.

stan / Mar 19th

love your artworks. how can i reach you. am very interested?

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