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The way out or Suicidal ideation, Dark mystical Wall face railway Surrealistic phantasmagoric metaphorical railroad tunnel, Suicidal thoughts, forest light stairs steps ladders philosophical mania suicidal tendencies, Parasuicide Suicide and mental illness, dangerous Mental disorder. , Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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“The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.” ? Friedrich Nietzsche. The best compliment to an artist contemplating on such a delicate topic as suicide is to hear “I have been there” commentary from his viewers. It means that the snapshot of an idea has been successful. There’s nothing personal in this image as I was merely trying to reflect someone else’s feelings.

Ideation is a process of generating and conveying ideas. I have chosen the term suicidal ideation because it is very frequently used to describe a passive or active tendency of a person to commit suicide. Suicidal thoughts might range from a deeply hidden lingering intention to end one’s life to a solid active plan. Most people who have suicidal ideation or tendencies will be only playing with this idea and not trying to follow through with it; some will make ineffective attempts; others will make false attempts – at parasuicide - to draw attention to themselves deliberately with no real intention of dying. In any case, suicidal ideation is a symptom of a serious psychiatric disorder that sometimes requires immediate medical attention. Statistics shows that males are four times more likely to die from an actual suicide, while females are more likely to attempt suicide.

None of the existing religious teachings accept suicide as a possible choice for a person in an emotional or circumstantial blind alley. In Christianity suicide is considered a mortal sin. In Buddhism suicide is a fruitless act providing neither relief nor solution to a sufferer. With the Buddhist concept of rebirth in mind, one can deduct that killing oneself will only leave facing the problems until a later incarnation. Furthermore, taking life is prohibited by the first of the Five Precepts with no exception to the rule. Thus, suicide will only aggravate a difficult situation as it is and impose evil karma on the culprit.

Viewer Testimonial:
"My name is Chaitanya Pabbati. I am a 4th year medical student and will be pursuing a psychiatry residency. Your piece "The Way Out or Suicidal Ideation" has been very helpful to my education. During medical school I have focused my research on studying suicide as a psychiatric illness. I have had the privilege of giving various talks to my classmates and colleagues and have often shown and cited this piece as an excellent encapsulation of the suicidal patient. It so simply but profoundly captures the goals of a patient who feels that there is no other option for them but to take their own life.
I would like to thank you for creating your art. While you are certainly a non-traditional artist in both your imagery and your medium, you have undoubtedly ushered in a new era for artists. I hope that my career as a physician will be distinguished by similar achievement."

(Title Rus) Выход или Размышления о Суициде

Software media: Adobe Photoshop ®, Adobe Illustrator ®, Autodesk 3ds Max ®, Smith Micro Poser ®, Photo Stock, CorelDRAW Graphics ®,

George Grie,  November 2007
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image tags: Dark mystical Wall face railway Surrealistic phantasmagoric metaphorical railroad tunnel, Suicidal thoughts, forest light stairs steps ladders philosophical mania suicidal tendencies, Parasuicide Suicide and mental illness, dangerous Mental disorder.
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F d / Afghanistan / Sep 12th

I fight suicidal thoughts every day, only because I want to see my children settled. I’ve always had the thoughts. This picture misses the point completely and panders to the popular ideas of what suicide is. It’s not this.

Marita Lint / May 26th

Creative comments , I loved the analysis

Spirit / United States / Feb 21st

You don't have to be dead to move toward the light. It is entirely accessible to the living.

Joel C / United States / Aug 24th

Beautiful, chilling piece, one of my new favorites.

Mark Russell / United Kingdom / Jun 26th

I am a big fan of your works! I think they are fantastic. One of my favourite works is 'The Way Out'. It is a haunting, touching and completely mesmerising work! With best Regards

DyingOne / United States / Oct 30th

The various dead ends are conceived and executed beautifully!

Jordan / United States / Jan 30th

I can totaly relate to this because i know someone who used this as their way out

John Doh / United Kingdom / Jan 26th

The picture shows so much pain and anguish, it's almost like you have bottled up a suicidal man's feelings. I can definitely relate to this picture

David Thorley / United Kingdom / Sep 8th

I once heard a great quote about suicide.. 'Suicide is a permenant solution to a tempoary problem'. beautiful artwork

StrangeMe / United States / May 23rd

Love it, not just because is cool and extremely well done, but because some how I can relate to it, is like a part of me. You have an amazing talent

Melissa / United States / May 9th

There are no words to describe how much I love this piece.

TR / United Kingdom / Apr 14th

It'd be nice to be told the symbolism of the aspects of the picture.

DoctorNo / United States / Mar 31st

Everything happens for a reason, so try not to worry because everything has already been planned out. Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn't take you anywhere.

John D. / United Kingdom / Mar 20th

Once again your work leaves me amazed. This beautiful piece is something you could never tire. Every moment is a new journey and experience with your work. It is most refreshing to find an artist that has the ability to help temporarily free us from this

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