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George Grie's Artwork Image Licensing
Commercial image publication license, royalty-free, non-exclusive picture licensing. Suppose you are interested in a high-resolution image file or using one or more artworks for a CD, poster, book cover, illustration, or other business purposes. In that case, you need to buy a commercial, royalty-free, non-exclusive picture license. All entities planning to display the artworks on a commercial website, web page, forum, blog, etc., must purchase a commercial license. Depending on your business needs, the license price might vary from $300. Please contact the artist for payment instructions, electronic PayPal, or wire transfer.

Email to the artist:
with the subject line "License Request."

Musicians, poets, and writers interested in using artworks for covers have to purchase a license unless they make a non-commercial demo or presentation release. Please email us with details of your project to arrange free image usage. If we agree, I will require two production copies from you. The artist's name and website URL have to be displayed in the liner notes.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with the artist for pricing adjustments. PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit, or account balances, without sharing financial information. PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

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Please read the following terms and conditions. Your acceptance of these terms is an absolute condition to your access to and use of any image(s). Downloading or using any image(s) from GEORGE GRIE confirms your acceptance of these terms and forms a legal contract between you and GEORGE GRIE. GEORGE GRIE reserves the right to change any of the terms of this agreement, and you agree to be bound by such changes. If you do not agree to the following terms, as may be amended, do not download or use any image(s).

The Image(s) is copyrighted and protected under the various laws of the United States, Canada, International treaties and other applicable laws. The Image(s) shall remain the sole and exclusive property of GEORGE GRIE, or its licensors. Use of the Images is licensed, not sold, pursuant to the terms of this License Agreement. Use of the Images without agreeing to this License Agreement, or a breach of these License Agreement terms, is copyright infringement.

You agree to pay all Image(s) license fees and no rights are granted under this Agreement until all payments are made in full. You shall be liable for all past due amounts, interest and costs of collection, including attorneys’ fees. Refunds are governed by the terms of the individual service used.

Back up, and store, single Image(s) as necessary on a single server for archival, tracking or asset management purposes only. Any copy or archive you make must include copyright notice.

Use the Image(s) in any electronic or print media, including advertising and editorial use, provided such use is not intended to allow the re-distribution or re-use of the Image(s).

Use the Image(s) on product packaging or in any items for personal use or resale, including CD covers, book covers, banners, calendars, consumer merchandise (T-shirts, posters, art, etc.), provided such use is not intended to allow the re-distribution or re-use of the Image(s).

Modify or alter the Image(s) as necessary for your use, subject to the terms of Section 4, and provided that if such modification or alteration constitutes a derivative work you do not acquire any copyright ownership or equivalent rights in or to any of the Image(s) or any other property of GEORGE GRIE or its licensors and you shall only use such derivative work in accordance with this Agreement. If requested by GEORGE GRIE, you agree to execute a written assignment of any such rights, including copyrights, at no cost to GEORGE GRIE.

Use the Image(s) as décor in an office, lobby, public area, restaurant, or retail store.
Use the Image(s) as design elements in print, video, film, or television broadcasts.
Use the Image(s) in connection with your business or entity, e.g. corporate identity documents and letterhead, except as prohibited below.
Use the Image(s) for any other uses approved in writing by GEORGE GRIE.


reserves the right to (i) not permit use of any Image(s) for any reason whatsoever; and (ii) notify you that certain Image(s) are no longer available for use. Upon such notification, the license to use such Image(s) shall automatically and immediately terminate.

All other rights not expressly granted to you are reserved solely for GEORGE GRIE.
GEORGE GRIE requests the copyright notice "© [insert current year] GEORGE GRIE" appear adjacent to the Image(s) or on a credit page.

GEORGE GRIE reserves the right to replace Image(s) with an alternative Image for any reason. Upon notice of such replacement, the license for the replaced Image(s) immediately, and automatically, terminates for any use of the Image(s) that does not already exist, and this License Agreement shall automatically apply to any replacement Image(s). You agree not to use any replaced Image(s) with future products or services and you shall take all reasonable steps to discontinue use of the replaced Image(s) in existing products or services.

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