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Surreal Paintings 1995-1985, Oil & Canvas.
Show · Hide All the pieces in this collection are from the period spanning 1985 to 1995, showcasing traditional fine art paintings. I've chosen to share them here for those intrigued by my creative journey and to illustrate the evolution of my artistry. Some are proudly displayed in my home, while others have found homes in private collections or museum exhibitions.

Interior Landscape UniverseThe White Silence Forgotten Cities and Lost Lands Attack of Nostalgia
Islands Internal Expansion classic surrealist painting Extension of Interior Space The Birth of Venus2
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The Birth of Venus3  Loneliness with the World - 3d fantasy pictures graphic design artwork Gone with the Wind Dead silence or Silence is deceitful
Midday frankness or Sunny windless Underground trip Life Is Just A Stopping Place Sun wind snow dreamer

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Art posters and framed prints by fineartamerica
Desert hunter soul Invisible presence sci fi Iron Maiden death star Destination
Forgotten Lands and Lost Civilizations1 Forgotten Lands and Lost Civilizations2 Eye of the Beholder Orthodox Hesychasm Sanctuary
Death and atoms and empty spaceFamous landscape painting Crusaders-of-the-futureunderwater-sunset

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Surrealism Art
Surrealism in fine arts is not a genre nor a category or branch. It is an art movement or stream. To be exact, Surrealism is a part of the broad cultural movement called Modernism (1880–1965). An art movement is a closely defined art style with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by artists. Art movement includes both the category and genre of visual arts or else in literature or theater. The word movement implies motion in some direction. The art movement is diverse and unpredictable. It changes and can offshoot into many assorted components.

There are many visual art movements; some of them are spiritually close; others are entirely different. For example:
• Impressionists sought to develop methods and techniques that would most naturally and vividly capture the real world in its mobility and variability, convey its momentary impressions.
• Representatives of Romanticism, characterized by the assertion of the intrinsic value of the individual's spiritual and creative life, the image of strong passions and characters, spiritualized and healing nature.
• Artists of Cubism sought to decompose the depicted three-dimensional object into simple elements and assemble it on canvas in a two-dimensional image.
• Surrealists are distinguished by the use of allusions and paradoxical combinations of forms. Surrealism - the combination of dreams and reality converted into absolute truth or a super-reality. The surrealists offered an absurd and contradictory blend of realistic images through collage and technology of distortion, dystopia, and image manipulation. Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms. The primary goal of the surrealists was spiritual elevation and separation of the spirit from the material.

There is no consensus on the end date of the surrealist movement. It is somewhere around the middle of the 20th century. Among the heirs of the surrealism movement is Fantastic realism and styles resulting from it, for example, Visionary art. Neosurrealism appeared towards the end of the 20th century on the brink of Postmodernism and Post-postmodernism. By Wikipedia’s definition, Neosurrealism is an art crusade that illustrates fantasies or subconscious visions in complex and non-rational combinations of space and forms. It was I who recorded this definition there in 2006.

The Neo-Surrealist Manifesto. George Grie 2009
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