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Prometheus, The Immortals Society. Neosurrealism Art is a collection of the latest surrealism prints, posters, and wallpapers of modern 3d surrealist artist.

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Romantic Neosurrealism Art Gallery - official website of the famous computer graphic artist George Grie. The gallery presents modern surrealist gothic, inspirational romanticism, digital surrealism artworks, and fine-art paintings. Giclee prints and posters, limited editions, desktop wallpapers, and framed art pictures for sale.
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 Prometheus, The Immortals Society - 3D Art Fantasy Modern Surrealism Pictures Limited Edition Prints by George Grie. Mountains peak palace cathedral, Greek gods mountain mass cliff rocks, Desert wasteland wilderness waste, Cloud shade land scene, stronghold house of worship eagle church darken smoke haze, Landscape scenery citadel place of worship.
The Immortals Society

Prometheus, The Immortals Society modern 3d art wallpaper Prometheus, The Immortals Society
Greek Immortals and Their Society. The Greek heroes served society by demonstrating the morals and values of the Immortal Gods in humanistic terms. All Greek heroes had similar characteristics and qualities as human beings. These qualities are an essential part of the hero’s make-up. Without them, the hero would not be able to overcome the challenges that life presented him. Along with specific qualities, Gods always played an important role in the creation of heroes. In fact, many of the hero’s fathers were Gods. Greek heroes shared the human condition of mortality. This quality of mortality made the heroes easier to relate to from a human standpoint. The quest was the heroes right of passage into glory. Every Greek hero needed a quest to become a champion among the Greek people. I believe Peruses is an excellent example of a hero meeting the needs of society by demonstrating qualities that where present in a hero. In the story of Peruses his immortal father was Zeus.

Prometheus in Greek religion is one of the Titans and a god of fire. He was a master craftsman and a supreme trickster, and he was associated with the foundation of people. According to legend, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. In retribution, Zeus created Pandora, who married Prometheus's brother and set free all the evils of the planet. Another story held that Zeus had Prometheus chained to a peak and sent an eagle to consume his liver, which regenerated every night so that he could endure the same torture the next day.

In some stories, Zeus has Prometheus tortured on the mountain because he knew the name of the person who, according to prophecy, will overthrow the king of the gods. This punishment was to last 30,000 years. About 12 generations later, Hercules (known as Hercules in Roman mythology), passing by on his way to find the apples of the Hesperidins as part of the Twelve Labors, freed Prometheus. Once free, Prometheus captured the eagle and ate his liver as revenge for his pain and suffering. Zeus did not mind this time that Prometheus had again evaded his punishment, as the act brought more glory to Hercules, who was Zeus's son. However, there was a problem. Zeus had made the decision that Prometheus would be tied in the rock for eternity. According to Greek mythology, this could never change, even if Zeus himself wished it. Finally, a solution was found. Prometheus was invited to return to Olympus and was given a ring by Zeus, which contained a piece of the rock to which Prometheus had been bound. Prometheus liked this ring and decided to wear it thereafter for eternity. According to some myths, Hercules was told by Zeus to tell Prometheus the solution.

Zeus gave Pandora to Ephemetheus (brother of Prometheus). Ephemetheus knew better than to trust Zeus and he had been warned by Prometheus never to accept gifts from the Olympians, especially Zeus. One look at Pandora and Ephemetheus was rendered helpless. He could not resist her, he accepted her willingly. When the gift was ‘opened’, evil and despair entered into this world. Mistrust and disease spread over the wide earth. After Pandora was emptied of her curse, only Hope was left inside. Unreasonable, groundless Hope that makes the curse of life into a blessing. And so, Prometheus was destined to suffer at the hands of his own kind. Gods punishing gods. To him, the saddest part of his punishment was the implication that the gods (Zeus in particular) had lost their right to rule because they had lost touch with their hearts.

Prometheus and Io
When Io, who was also being punished by Zeus, came upon Prometheus and the daughters of Okeanos, she wanted to know her future. Prometheus, even in his tortured condition, tried to spare the feelings of the poor girl. She had been transformed into a black and white heifer and was cursed to wander, prodded by an evil gadfly. Her future was only slightly better than his but she was lucky because she was mortal and would die and be rid of her earthly torment. He, on the other hand, was immortal. His torment would last forever. The journey of Io was crucial to the release of Prometheus from his bonds. After her wandering journey to Egypt, Io was returned to her human form and had a glorious son named Epaphos. Thirteen generations later, Herakles (Heracles) climbed the mountain, killed the eagle and freed Prometheus from his shackles.

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