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Romantic Neosurrealism Art Gallery - official website of the computer graphic artist George Grie. The gallery presents modern surrealist gothic, inspirational romanticism, digital surrealism artworks, and fine-art paintings. Giclee prints and posters, limited editions, desktop wallpapers, and framed art pictures for sale.
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Morning Fog - modern 3d surrealism digital art wallpapers
Dehydration - 3d art wallpapers modern surrealism art prints
Morning Fog
Infinite Improbability Drive - modern 3d surrealism poster digital art Prints
Noah's Ark or delusion of grandeur - modern surrealism prints 3d digital art poster
Infinite Improbability Drive
Noah's Ark or Delusion of Grandeur
Shiva the Destroyer - modern neosurrealism prints 3d art picture
Mermaid Syndrom - modern surrealism prints digital 3d art wallpaper picture
Shiva the Destroyer
Mermaid Syndrom
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Artist Statement:

I’m confident that the new graphic technologies unlocked endless potentials to creative individuals. The graphic capabilities of some contemporary 3d&2d applications are far outside of common human comprehension. The sky is the limit today to exercise your imagination, intelligence, and ambitions.

Everything is possible! – has to be a motto of the present-day and future digital artists. I’m trying to prove that in every one of my humble creations. Digital art applications give you the never-ending combinations of texture renderings, settings of lightings, hue, saturation, and shape deformations which bring you the sensation of full liberty and control of reality. There are no more hours of a laborious painting routine. There is no more boring drafting. Everything is an instant and under the tips of your flying fingers. There is only one chilling obstacle between you and your dare creation – lack of imagination.

The new form of art - digital art was born without pompous manifestations and noisy announcements. Some of us still consider digital painting and 3-dimensional art as something mechanical and artificial, something that in some way is out of human touch. Nothing could be more wrong. Computers don’t make art, people do. Computers are creative tools only, the sophisticated ones. The minute you try them you will never look back, you will never give up moving forward. It’s a fresh creative drug of a new generation of artists. It’s an addiction with no cure. It is a curse you can’t get rid of. It’s your blessing destiny.
George Grie, comments 2003

Russian Translation: show →
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