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Morning Fog - modern 3d surrealism digital art wallpapers Dehydration - 3d art wallpapers modern surrealism art prints Unicorn Land or the Forbidden Forest Gate - modern surrealism prints, poster digital 3d art wallpaper  Air Mail Pioneers - 3d surrealism modern fantasy art image
Escape Before Dawn - 3d fantasy art picturesAlternative Sky-rover - 3d modern surrealism digital art picture Sweet Hideout of Denial - 3d surrealism modern fantasy art image The island of lost hopes
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The Sand Castle - 3d modern surrealism prints digital art picture wallpaper Sanctuary Stargate - modern neosurrealism prints 3d art picture Ascension (Jesus Christ resurrection)- modern surrealism digital 3d art Prints Last Harbour or In Search of Castaway Nautilus - modern surrealism prints 3d digital art poster
Noah's Ark or delusion of grandeur - modern surrealism prints 3d digital art poster Shiva the Destroyer - modern neosurrealism prints 3d art picture Infinite Improbability Drive - modern 3d surrealism poster digital art Prints Confluence - modern surrealism posters 3d art picture
The Flying Dutchman Phantom - modern 3d surrealism posters digital art Prints wallpaper Ghost ship series: River Styx ferry Mermaid Syndrom - modern surrealism prints digital 3d art wallpaper picture Mona Lisa idee fixe or the Da Vinci Code mania- modern surrealism digital 3d art Prints
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Tools of trade
George Grie created digital artworks by using a variety of software tools. Here's the shortlist of the most used ones:

3D Studio MAX, Developer: AUTODESK Highly customizable and scalable 3D animation, modeling, and rendering solution for creative professionals and large-scale pipelines for games, design visualizations, film & television.

Adobe Photoshop, a graphics edito r developed and published by Adobe Systems. It is the current market leader for commercial bitmap design.

Terragen, is a landscape generator with controllable parameters that allow extremely varied terrain shapes and photorealistic rendering.

Poser, Developer: Curious Labs Inc. Poser is the 3D figure design tool for artists, illustrators, and animators that enables you to create 3D figures from ready-to-use human and animal models easily.

DAZ3D, DAZ Studio - Pose, animate, and render 3D Models in your 3D Studio. Adobe Illustrator, is a vector-based drawing program

Adobe Illustrator has become the standard tool for illustration design.

George Grie Modern art surrealism Canada: contemporary neosurrealist 3d digital artist. The official website of popular surrealist artist.