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Neo-surrealism Art Gallery - official website of the popular computer graphic artist George Grie. The gallery presents iconic modern surrealist dreams such as dark gothic, inspirational romanticism, famous digital surrealism artworks, and fine-art paintings. Giclee prints and posters, limited editions, desktop wallpapers, and framed art pictures for sale.
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Noah's Ark or delusion of grandeur - modern surrealism prints 3d digital art poster
Shiva the Destroyer - modern neosurrealism prints 3d art picture
Infinite Improbability Drive - modern 3d surrealism poster digital art Prints
Confluence - modern surrealism posters 3d art picture
The Sand Castle - 3d modern surrealism prints digital art picture wallpaper
Sanctuary Stargate - modern neosurrealism prints 3d art picture
Ascension (Jesus Christ resurrection)- modern surrealism digital 3d art Prints
Last Harbour or In Search of Castaway Nautilus - modern surrealism prints 3d digital art poster
Morning Fog - modern 3d surrealism digital art wallpapers
Dehydration - 3d art wallpapers modern surrealism art prints
Unicorn Land or the Forbidden Forest Gate - modern surrealism prints, poster digital 3d art wallpaper
Air Mail Pioneers - 3d surrealism modern fantasy art image

Escape Before Dawn - 3d fantasy art pictures
Alternative Sky-rover - 3d modern surrealism digital art picture
Sweet Hideout of Denial - 3d surrealism modern fantasy art image
The island of lost hopes
Midnight Inland Sanctuary - neo-surrealism art poster print and wallpaper
Twilight Zone Infiltration - 3d modern surrealism digital art picture
Threshold Progression - neo-surrealism art poster print & wallpaper
Morning Fog - modern 3d surrealism digital art wallpapers

Terra Exorcism Surveillance - 3d studio max fantasy art pictures
Charm of Occupational Hazards - Contemporary 3d surrealism digital art picture
Tranquility of Deceptive Journeys - 3d graphic design artwork free fantasy art gallery
Guardian of Time - neo-surrealism art poster print and wallpaper
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"I teach disenfranchised kids in London Emgland, and since I found your work, it has given me the gateway to the minds of 100s of kids, and their ability to dream and believe in their own ability. I ask them to think about some of your work, and these kids just come out of themselves with things they would ordinarily never talk about with to adults. For me, the interesting and incisive factor is the new neural pathways opened up between left and right brain hemisphere learning, something that is essential for all new learners. Your work makes this easier for me to utilize when working with these kids. Thank you for your gift to the art world, you make a lot of people feel great!" - -
S. Nelson

"Dear Mr. Grie, I do not consider myself an artist like yourself. I have a talent to create music! I'm always fascinated by artists who can draw, paint and create with such passion. it is a blessing to have that ability!! I have to say I find it difficult to put into words how much I'm inspired by your works of neosurrealism! Each one is a masterpiece. A work of endless expression and ignites the imagination beyond the normal limits! I often gaze into some of your works and find myself in another time /dimension where I often feel at peace /solitude. It has helped me in my own creativity! I just wanted to express my gratitude to you. Your talent is a blessing/ a gift!!You have such good insight into things that few can put into words! I applaud your work!! Thank you for sharing!! I've become a fan!!"
A.V. Zeffiro

"I am a PhD honorary fellow researcher at the Institute of Behavioral Neuroscience at University College London, working for the Spatial Cognition Group under Hugo Spiers' supervision. I am writing since, in one of our spatial cognitive experiments with humans, we employed your 'Dreamscape' image to assess visuospatial abilities and reactions to 2D representations of (sur)real environments. Now we are in the middle of writing an academic paper to publish and an online journal and we would appreciate if you could let us publish the picture and know if special requirements for the publishing are needed. If this is the case we would move accordingly. Our purposes are solely and strictly academic."
Claudia Cialone
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