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Neo-surrealism Art Gallery - official website of the popular computer graphic artist George Grie. The gallery presents iconic modern surrealist dreams such as dark gothic, inspirational romanticism, famous digital surrealism artworks, and fine-art paintings. Giclee prints and posters, limited editions, desktop wallpapers, and framed art pictures for sale.
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George Grie's Press, Publications, Magazine Illustrations, Book Covers, Textbooks

Below are some of the lecensed publications that we have been able to trace and save. Many more unlicensed materials are circling around in various digital or print forms: newspaper, TV, journal, magazine, CD Album covers, and other.

FAITH & SCIENCE, Jornal, Brazil

FAITH & SCIENCE, Jornal, Brazil

A scenic backdrop for the national competition of theater productions SoundFX, USA

SoundFX, USA

2018. Los Alamitos, a scenic backdrop for the national competition of theater productions SoundFX, LA California, I used work Dreamscape Reality.
Cognitive Science Journal, University College London, UK  George Grie, Dreamscape publication

Cognitive Science Journal, University College London, UK

2017 June. Reasearch title: Sculptors, Architects, and Painters Conceive of Depicted Spaces Differently. Authors: Claudia Cialone, Thora Tenbrink, Hugo J. Spiers. Department of Experimental Psychology, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience. Australian National University. Bangor University. Cognitive Science Society, ResearchGate illustration - Dreamscape ISSN: 0364-0213
FREDERICK   LEONHARDT, A Question of Attachment, USA George Grie, Snowfall in Parallel Universe or the One That Got Away bookcover

FREDERICK LEONHARDT, A Question of Attachment, USA

2017 January. Psychology Theory Today. Frederick H. Leonhardt Foundation (FHL Foundation) Explicitly promotes attachment theory as a guiding principle toward understanding and solving societal problems. Focus areas include attachment research, education, and services. Book cover- Snowfall in Parallel Universe or the One That Got Away
Robert Panasiewicz, Przebudzenie Stacha, book cover George Grie, The Stormbringer or Existential Awakening bookcover

Robert Panasiewicz, Przebudzenie Stacha, Australia

2017 Warszawa.The author of the novel, Robert Panasiewicz, was born and raised in Poland, from where he emigrated to Australia. The cultural phenomena of recent decades, such as the popularity of materialistic ideologies and the belief in abstract theories of science, have eradicated philosophical content from literature. Book cover The Storm bringeror Existential Awakening
homas S Ireland, Entangled Soul, USA boockover George Grie, Snowfall in Parallel Universe or the One That Got Away bookcover

Thomas S Ireland, Entangled Soul, USA

2017. Sci-fi novel. Tom received his BS in Electronics Engineering in the United States Air Force. Most recently, Tom contributed his experience to his local community as the Chief Technology Officer for a team supporting several cities in southwestern Ohio. In this role he provided technology support to the regional Tactical Crime Suppression Unit and the Organized Crime Task Force. Book cover- Snowfall in Parallel Universe or the One That Got Away
BBC News TV broadcast Online George Grie, Icelander Dehidration Improbability drive etc


2010 January. The number of George Grie's artworks have been featured in, ClickBits: tech talk with LJ Rich. 'Clickbits' is a short online technology roundup used both on BBC News Online and the News TV channel. Program is a log of stories, websites and digital art on the BBC's mini webcast as well. BBC videoclip: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/technology/8488344.stm
Canada Visual Textbook George Grie Illustration - The Flying Dutchman Phantom

ArtWorks, School Visual Textbook, Canada

2011 February, Emond Montgomery Publications features The Flying Dutchman artwork in a grade 9-10 Visual Textbook. Art Works is the first Canadian visual arts textbook in over 20 years. It focuses on the issues, ideas, and themes that inform the art world today. Special emphasis is given to artwork by Canadian and contemporary artists. This collection of classroom-ready materials includes: assessment and evaluation tools and strategies, answers to questions, and a digital image gallery. Subjects: Art, Film, Music, Drama. Illustration - The Flying Dutchman Phantom
Illustrated History, School Textbook, George Grie The lost expedition

Illustrated History, School Textbook, Denmark

2013 March, Bonnier Publications, Denmark, Illustrated Videnskab Historie, De Erobrede Verden, the conquering of the world textbook features The Lost Expedition artwork. Bonnier Publications is the largest publisher of popular magazines.. Among the best-known magazines are Illustrated Science, The Shape and History, Active Training, Digital Photo, Do It Yourself, Komputer for all, National Geograph, etc.
The Flying Dutchman Visual Textbook George Grie, Arrested Expansion

Bloggers 5ème, School Textbook, France

2017, French scholastic publishing house DIFUSION-EMDL, specialized in educational material based in Paris. Arrested Expansion artwork featured in textbook entitled - Bloggers 5eme. This book is created for high school French students (7th grade); a cultural page about digital artists to talk about culture in the future and innovative arts.
George Grie Fright Night, DreamWorks movie Angel of Infinity

Fright Night, DreamWorks movie, USA

2010. The "Angel of Infinity " work has been chosen to be featured on a new DreamWorks feature called Fright Night. DreamWorks Pictures American film studio which develops, produces, and distributes films, video games and television programming is bringing their 3D reimagining of Fright Night (2011) DreamWorks owned by media moguls Steven Spielberg, J.Katzenberg and D.Geffen is a new pseudo Hollywood studio.
George Grie Den Nye Opera - Den Flygende Hollender poster

Den Nye Opera - Den Flygende Hollender, Norway

2009. The Flying Dutchman work has been used as a poster and gigantic premier banner by the Bergen National Opera house. Den Flygende Hollender - Flying Dutchman is an opera, with music and libretto by Richard Wagner. According to Wagner the legend among sailors of a ghost ship with a Dutch skipper who is doomed to sail aimlessly on the high seas.
George Grie magazine publication Final Frontier Voyager paper, journal,

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Conservation magazine, USA

2010 April-June. The "Final Frontier Voyager" work published in, Essay "The Known World" by Rob Dunn. Conservation magazine features cutting edge environmental science and groundbreaking conservation research. From underwater robots that spy on whales to the world's first industrial, indoor farm to the connection between divorce rates and environmental degradation, Conservation stories connect science and data with everyday human experience.
LAUDENZIA exhibition room, Lodi/Italy

LAUDENZIA design and manufacture, Lodi/Italy www.laudenzia.com

©2016 - LAUDENZIA designs and manufactures chairs and furniture inspired by tradition but which have been re-styled in a modern way. You can try the various models in the LAUDENZIA showroom and test the different types of softness and cushion size so that you find the right combination. www.laudenzia.com/showroom
The Art of George Grie  George Grie The Journal of Anomalous Sciences newspaper, print

The Journal of Anomalous Sciences

2009 August. The number of images have featured in, Spotlight on the Artist – George Grie, (Mikkola Jari). World Nexus Publications - The Journal of Anomalous Sciences, a new, state of the art bi-monthly electronic magazine presents the anomalous sciences. http://dznucleus.com/spotlight-on-the-artist-george-grie/ page1 page2 page3 page4 page5 page6
George Grie magazine interview Covers 65 66 67, Robot

Interview and Covers 65 66 67, Robot magazine, Italy

2011-2012. The "Noah's Ark", "Dehydration", "Bridges to the Neverland " works. The award-winning Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction; magazine is publishing outstanding short fantasy and science fiction by today's leading authors.Interviewers prestige for respondents talented Maurizio Manzieri interview the author covers of 2012, the Canadan/Russian artist George Grie
George Grie magazine illustration Full moon rising, organ, sheet

Welt Der Wunder, World of Wonder magazine, Germany

2008 August. The "Full moon rising" work published in, Article "Are there ghost ships in our oceans?" World of Wonder is a popular German science magazine, it complex topics are set by a combination of visual representations, graphs and texts in science. The magazine contains articles on various topics such as art, nature, knowledge, history and research.
George Grie magazine publication Dehydration  The Sand Castle, The Flying Dutchman, Science Geeks magazine, South Korea

Science Geeks magazine, South Korea

2010 June. "Dehydration , The Sand Castle, The Flying Dutchman, " works published in, "Science Geeks" magazine for kids in South Korea.
George Grie book cover illustration Final Frontier, Bowlby's Battle for Round Earth

Bowlby's Battle for Round Earth byFrederick Leonhardt, USA

Publisher: Wordclay; annotated edition (July 29, 2011) ISBN-10: 1604819111 . "The Final Frontier " work illustrates the book cover. In the book, Fred erick Leonhardt who is geologist, psychotherapist and philanthropist invites us to view John Bowlby attachment theory as a warrior who ultimately was vanquished during his long battle to bring about a naturalistic systems theory revolution within such disciplines as psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, mental health, sociology and public policy.
George Grie book cover illustration The Book of Winterdead Things. Peter Du Rietz, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Book of Winterdead Things. Peter Du Rietz, Gothenburg, Sweden / www.pedurietz.nu

2017 upcoming book concept. Peter is a Gothic horror story writer, lives in Gothenburg. "During my time as a copywriter, I ended up at an advertising agency in New York, where I received several awards for my work, and as a freelance writer published my articles and causeries in both the US and Sweden. Besides writing, I have dealt with matters of gemstones in Mexico and worked as a volunteer in the Costa Rican rainforest."
George Grie  book cover Gothic Literary Studies

Gothic Music, University of Wales, UK

2012 . "Haunting Goth " book cover, The Sounds of the Uncanny (University of Wales Press - Gothic Literary Studies) by Isabella van Elferen assistant professor of Music and Media at Utrecht University. The book is the most original and sophisticated analysis of the interconnection between music and the Gothic. The book traces sonic Gothic from the echoing footsteps in Gothic novels to the dark soundscapes of Goth club nights.
Xtreamer Network Media Player backgrounds  George Grie Xtreamer Player screensaver

Xtreamer Media Player, USA

2009. The number of images have featured in, Xtreamer Network Media Player as user interface and navigation backgrounds. Xtreamer model. It allows you to stream HD (MKV H.264) movies or user-generated videos, listen to high-quality digital music and show high-resolution photo slide-shows on your TV.
Muy Interesante science magazine, George Grie Flying Dutchman

Muy Interesante science magazine, Spain Madrid

2013 October Extra. Muy Interesante magazine in Spain published in one double page the image of Flying Dutchman Phantom, Popular science magazine monthly, It deals with the development of nanotechnology, new investigations and inventions. Currently also published in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, and Chile.
the museum interior design concept

Ausstellungs- und Museumsplanungs-GmbH, Salzburg/Austria

Part of the museum interior design concept. VERDANDI, with the aim of identifying areas of culture, nature and science through modern exhibition planning the public increasingly accessible. Whether it is small regional museums or international visitor attraction - VERDANDI supports with innovative concepts and designs here, to be even more successful.

Favorite Biblical Themes, George Grie Final Frontier magazine cover

O Brasil Para Cristo, The Christ Church of Brazil, Journal

2013 December. "The Final Frontier " work illustrates the cover of the full version of the Journal of EBD 72 The Church of Brazil for Christ, written by Pastor Carlos.
International films Festival Poster, The Lost Expedition, George Grie

THE SEA CALLS, St.Petersburg, Russia

Poster, The Lost Expedition. The festival to be held on 23-26th of April 2012 in St.-Petersburg. International Festival of Maritime and Adventure Films #9
George Grie illustration Chasing the light poster

Oceanside Museum of Art, USA

2012 March. Chasing the light work, After Dark exhibition, Museum of Art (OMA) CA
Tattoo magazine publication body art the Sand Castle tattoo

SkinArt magazine, USA

2010 August. "The Sand Castle" tattoo work by Dwayne featured in, Skin Art magazine, spotlights the finest and most unique body art
The Diva - Uhl Studios, USA

The Diva - Uhl Studios, USA

2015. Uhl Studios core team consists of David Uhl – a fine art painterl. The Diva . The Steampunk collection allows David to really push the boundaries of motorcycle art. The Mind Cave artwork used with a permission.

Philip Upchurch, Oblivion poem, US, George Grie

Philip Upchurch, Oblivion poem, US

2006 A prolific guitarist who is playing blues, soul, R&B, and jazz, Phil Upchurch has been a prominent figure in Chicago music circles since the mid-'50s.
Omsk, Russia, Interior, George Grie

Omsk, Russia, Interior

2006 the artwork Suicidal Ideation has been utilised in one of the City establishments, former Cinema Theater Rodina, unlicensed usage.
2007 Perlas en el ático Hardcover by Rafael Martín George Grie

Perlas en el ático

2007 (Spanish Edition) Hardcover by Rafael Martín

Adventure map, USA

2013. custom adventure map for Minecraft, by Verques.
Book cover concept design, George Grie cover

Hostis Humani Genaris, Robert S. Bartholomew, US

2017 Book cover concept design. This is a simple example of when an author wants to bring several different concepts together. The novel content required a modern Chicago skyline combined with the futuristic, sinister moon rise and a pirate-ship steering wheel.
Book cover concept design, George Grie cover

Kathleen Kirkwood - Pirates' Moon

2017 In Progress . . . Kathleen Kirkwood is the pseudonym for award-winning, best-selling author. She is the recipient of the Romance Writers of America's 1989 Golden Heart Award and winner of RWA Desert Rose Chapter's 2002 Golden Quill Award.
Terra Exorcism Surveillance, The print magazine cover, with CD

dream-creation.co.uk magazine, Australia

2008. Terra Exorcism Surveillance, The print magazine cover, with CD, includes a data track with articles from the Dream Creation magazine and mp3 versions of the tracks.
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