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Surrealism Prints and desktop backgrounds by 3D artist George Grie: Digital art screensavers free 3D wallpaper.

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Romantic Neosurrealism Art Gallery - official website of the famous computer graphic artist George Grie. The gallery presents modern surrealist gothic, inspirational romanticism, digital surrealism artworks, and fine-art paintings. Giclee prints and posters, limited editions, desktop wallpapers, and framed art pictures for sale.
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Sweet Hideout of Denial digital fantasy arts wallpapers contemporary surrealist. Keywords, state of denial, tease and denial, in denial of death, Underwater landscape water, gloom room interior bookshelves, darkness dimness piano sharks glass face, dark mood atmosphere,

Modern Surrealism Fantasy Art 3D Pictures: George Grie 3d wallpaper. Sweet Hideout of Denial digital fantasy contemporary surrealist.

MANIFESTO OF SURREALISM MOVEMENT by famous surrealist artist André Breton || 18 pages

page #

a pair

of silk stockings

is not

A leap into space


Love above all

Everything could be worked out so well


Watch out for

the fire that covers


of fair weather

Know that

The ultraviolet rays

have finished their task

short and sweet



Red will be

The wandering singer


in memory

in his house


I do

as I dance

What people did, what they’re going to do

And we could offer many many more examples. The theater, philosophy, science, criticism would all succeed in finding their bearings there. I hasten to add that future Surrealist techniques do not interest me.

Far more serious, in my opinion* (Whatever reservations I may be allowed to make concerning responsibility in general and the medico-legal considerations which determine an individual's degree of responsibility -- complete responsibility, irresponsibility, limited responsibility (sic) -- however difficult it may be for me to accept the principle of any kind of responsibility, I would like to know how the first punishable offenses, the Surrealist character of which will be clearly apparent, will be judged. Will the accused be acquitted, or will he merely be given the benefit of the doubt because of extenuating circumstances? It's a shame that the violation of the laws governing the Press is today scarcely repressed, for if it were not we would soon see a trial of this sort: the accused has published a book which is an outrage to public decency. Several of his "most respected and honorable" fellow citizens have lodged a complaint against him, and he is also charged with slander and libel. There are also all sorts of other charges against him, such as insulting and defaming the army, inciting to murder, rape, etc. The accused, moreover, wastes no time in agreeing with the accusers in "stigmatizing" most of the ideas expressed. His only defense is claiming that he does not consider himself to be the author of his book, said book being no more and no less than a Surrealist concoction which precludes any question of merit or lack of merit on the part of the person who signs it; further, that all he has done is copy a document without offering any opinion thereon, and that he is at least as foreign to the accused text as is the presiding judge himself.

What is true for the publication of a book will also hold true for a whole host of other acts as soon as Surrealist methods begin to enjoy widespread favor. When that happens, a new morality must be substituted for the prevailing morality, the source of all our trials and tribulations.) -- I have intimated it often enough -- are the applications of Surrealism to action. To be sure, I do not believe in the prophetic nature of the Surrealist word. "It is the oracle, the things I say."* (Rimbaud.) Yes, as much as I like, but what of the oracle itself?** (Still, STILL.... We must absolutely get to the bottom of this. Today, June 8, 1924 , about one o'clock , the voice whispered to me: "Béthune, Béthune." What did it mean? I have never

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